Alabama: State Tax ID and Local Tax ID

What is the difference between the State Tax ID and the Local Tax ID?

To our understanding, when you register for a sales tax/seller's use tax license with the state of Alabama, the state will issue both a state tax ID as well as a local tax ID.

  • Both have 10 digits.
  • If your Tax Account ID is a Sales Tax ID, it will begin with "SLS," If your Tax Account ID is a Seller's Use Tax ID, it will begin with "SLU," If your Tax Account ID is Simplified Sellers Use, it will begin with "SSU."
  • The Local Tax ID will begin with "LCL."
  • The Tax IDs for SLS/SLU and LCL tax accounts are usually 1 digit different
  • Simplified Sellers Use tax licensees will not have a Local Tax ID. 

Both the state and local IDs are required to enroll in AutoFile for Alabama.

  • You'll need to remove the SLS/SLU or LCL prefix from the tax ID in the AutoFile enrollment form and provide only the 10 character account ID that begins with "R."

Please Note that when you enroll in AutoFile Alabama, TaxJar will submit a return for: