Alabama: How to enable third party access in your MAT account

Why do I need to enable third-party access in my MAT account?

You will need to change a setting in your My Alabama Taxes (MAT) account to allow TaxJar to logon as a third party to AutoFile your Alabama returns. 

How do I enable this access?

The state has put together detailed step-by-step directions that explain how to do this here

Do I also need to create a third-party password?

Yes. You'll create a third-party password during the process of enabling third-party access for your MAT account.

  • You'll need to provide the third-party password in your Alabama AutoFile enrollment form so that TaxJar can continue the process of accessing your account as a third-party. (Make sure the third-party password you create is different than the password you use to access your MAT account on your end.)