Choosing the right order level for your TaxJar subscription

Our monthly and annual subscription pricing for TaxJar Reports is based on your total monthly order volume.

  • To avoid flex fees, we recommend that you choose the plan that best matches your usual monthly volume.

What happens If I exceed my plan's order limit?

If you go over your allotted order limit during a single month, we will automatically charge you based on the plan that matches your usage level that month. 

  • The next month you'll start back on the original plan that you subscribed to, and the process will repeat itself again. 
  • You will see a flex fee each time you exceed your plan's monthly order limit.

How do I choose the right plan for my usage?

From your Dashboard, click Account in the navigation bar and then click on Plan & Billing.  On this page, if you scroll down you'll see your monthly order volume for each month of sales data we've imported for you.

  • Focus on the months that most closely match your usual order level and choose the subscription plan that matches that number.
  • Again, if you go over your order limit or have seasonal spikes in sales, we'll automatically bill you for the plan that matches your order level during those months and the next month, you'll start back on the original plan you selected