Why do I see duplicate transactions in my account?

Currently, our system is not designed to automatically check for duplicate transactions between most carts, as our integrations were designed to assume that each Linked Account you connect is importing unique transactions. 

  • Initially, you might see duplicates, and if you reach out to us at support@taxjar.com, we can refresh your data to see our system will recognize and remove the duplicates.
  • But, we can't promise that this will always completely eliminate duplicates due to inconsistencies in the way data is sent to our system by the carts.

If you know that the same transactions are being imported into TaxJar more than once via multiple Linked Account combinations, the only certain way to avoid seeing duplicates would be to keep the cart where the majority of your sales are taking place connected directly to TaxJar and disconnect any other cart connections that are causing duplicates. 

  • Then, you should upload any unique sale that solely took place in the cart you disconnected from to TaxJar via CSV, and we show you how to do this here.
  • Once you disconnect the cart that's creating duplicates, please let us know and our team can manually remove all transactions that were imported for the cart you decide to disconnect.