Why did I receive an email about a trial account when I have an active account?

If you received an email notification for any trial account activity and you already have an active TaxJar account, there are possible two reasons which we discuss in this article:

It's possible that you may have accidentally created a duplicate TaxJar account that is still on a 30-day trial.

  • If you're unsure of which email address you might have used to create a duplicate account, we have more information here to help you verify.

Did you set up TaxJar through Shopify?

If you've confirmed that you didn't create a duplicate account, then are you billed for your TaxJar account through Shopify

  • We've noticed that, for reasons unknown, sometimes customers with active subscriptions may receive this message about a free trial account when they access their TaxJar accounts from inside of Shopify by clicking the TaxJar app button.
  • You can safely disregard this email.
  • You can always verify that your account is on an active subscription by visiting your Plan & Billing page and viewing your Current Plan.

Do you have Professional Subscription,?

Each TaxJar Professional account user receives a TaxJar account. 

  • However, that account is separate from your main TaxJar Professional account as it allows you as a user to have your own completely separate account if you need it. 
  • If you don't, you will see that in order to use it for your own use it will ask you to start a subscription.
  • If you're using TaxJar for your company's Professional account, then you don't need this account. 
    Instead, please switch users so that you can have complete access to the TaxJar Professional account for your company.