Billing: I already have an active account

Why am I being asked to enter my billing information again? 

If you've paid for your subscription recently and upon logging in, see "Change or Update Credit Card", you may be logging in with the wrong email address.

  • Please click "Account" at the top right and select "Sign out of TaxJar"
  • Then please sign in with the correct email address associated with your TaxJar account. 

I'm not sure which email address I used? 

When you recently paid for your subscription, we sent a confirmation email with the subject " Thanks for Your Payment" - please locate that email to confirm which email address you use to set up your active TaxJar account. 

If you still need assistance please contact support with as much of the following detail as possible:

  1. If you have your emails forwarded to another email address, please send the most recent "Thanks for your Payment" email to 
  2. We should be able to help you locate your account if you send an email to with the following details: 
    • The business name
    • The name of the contact using the TaxJar account
    • The business address
    • The type of card this is being billed (Visa/Amex/Discover. etc)
    • The date the charge is billed each month
    • The last 4 digits of the card
    • The zip code on file with the bank for this card
    • The expiration date of this card