How do I remove a Linked Account?

How can I remove a cart, platform, or website from my Linked Accounts?

To do this, just sign in to your TaxJar account and follow the steps below from your TaxJar account's Dashboard:

1. Hover your mouse over the "Accounts" option in the upper righthand corner of your Dashboard and then click on Linked Accounts.

2. Click the blue "Unlink" option to the far righthand side of the store, account, marketplace, or website that you'd like to remove:

3. Now, this account has been un-Linked from your TaxJar account and TaxJar will not import any future Transactions from that account.

  • This also means that TaxJar won't update any existing Transactions in your account if there are any changes to the original order in your cart.
  • Please note that removing a Linked Account won't delete any of the already imported Transactions and we explain more in this article.