Introducing 'TaxJar Answers'

When it comes to sales tax, we know you're busy and we're always looking for ways to get you the answers you need faster, easier, and whenever you need our team’s help.

TaxJar Answers is our support solution that helps you solve questions in a matter of seconds, not hours.  We’ve added Artificial Intelligence to our team to give you a faster way to access the knowledge you’re looking for. 

How TaxJar Answers works

Step 1. Look for the TaxJar icon on the bottom right corner of our app (or any support pages where you may be looking for help). 

Step 2. Type in your question (You can ask it anything!) and let TaxJar Answers locate the best answer we have for you. 

Step 3. TaxJar answers will reply back instantly with an answer to your question. 

Still need help? We’re training TaxJar Answers and it’s getting smarter every day, but if it can’t answer the question - just click on the “open a case” button and our Support Analysts will be here to help you with whatever you need.

We are always working to improve. Please be sure to let us know if TaxJar Answers is helpful to you.