New York Schedule H

Does TaxJar Support New York's Schedule H? 

Yes, we have now incorporated Schedule H with your TaxJar New York state sales tax report.

  • To see the new Schedule H, first, you need to login to TaxJar, and visit your “Exemptions” tab.
  • From there, scroll or use the search bar to find the clothing items you sell, and categorize them as “clothing.”
  • Once you have categorized the clothing and footwear you sell, when you visit your New York state sales tax report, you’ll see the option to expand the Schedule H in the below screenshot. 
  • This will show you the precise sales tax amounts you need to file Schedule H on exempt clothing and footwear in New York.

New York Schedule H Support Makes it Easier for New York Taxpayers to AutoFile

Yes, TaxJar's AutoFile service supports filing for the Schedule H for your New York sales tax return.

  • Therefore, once your products are categorized correctly you’ll be able to sign up for AutoFile for your New York sales tax returns!

*Important Note: The schedule H on the New York state page is available to sellers using our Exemption feature and the TaxJar API users.

  • If you sell on a different shopping cart or marketplace and want to be notified when we support Schedule H, send us an email with your request at