What do I need to enroll in AutoFile for Colorado?

Enrolling in AutoFile for Colorado

First, you'll need to grant TaxJar access in your Revenue Online account.

Next, we'll need to verify the details listed below:

Once you provide your Colorado Tax License number in the AutoFile enrollment form, our system will attempt to automatically verify the State Assigned Payment Schedule, Business Name and License Type details that are currently visible in the Colorado Revenue Online account account that is associated with your Sales and Use Tax Account number:

  • The verification of these details will begin after you grant TaxJar access and begin the AutoFile enrollment process by providing your Colorado Tax License Number.
  • If our system is not able to automatically verify those details, you'll need to provide your State Assigned Payment Schedule, Business Name and License Type in the enrollment form.

  • A signed Power of Attorney form is required by the Colorado Department of Revenue before TaxJar can AutoFile your Colorado sales tax returns. 
  • If you are not authorized to sign the POA on behalf of the business, then a copy will be emailed to your address on file during the enrollment verification process. 
    • The POA must be signed and return before we can continue the enrollment process.

Colorado AutoFile Enrollment FAQ

What's my State Registered Business Name?
  • This is the business name you provided to the state when you registered for your sales tax license.
  • It should be listed on your sales tax registration paperwork.
What's my CO State Tax License?
  • This is your 8 digit state taxpayer ID. This number may be followed by a three digit suffix and SLS.
  • You received from the state when you registered for your sales tax license.
What's my CO License Type?
  • Colorado's DOR assigns different account number endings depending on how your account is set up with the state. (Example: Colorado sales tax account numbers end in -SLS, Retailer's use tax account numbers end in - USR, etc.
  • Effective December 1st, 2018, Colorado has new guidelines for how remote sellers should collect tax in the state. Part of these changes means "Use Tax" registrations will be phased out. Because of this, TaxJar will no longer be accepting "Use Tax" registrations. 
  • See Colorado Tax Collection Changes for Remote Sellers for more information.
How do I Grant Third Party Access?
  • Third party access must be granted within your Colorado Revenue Online account before TaxJar can confirm your Colorado enrollment.
  • Instructions on how to approve access are found here.

What's my State Assigned Payment Schedule?

  • This is the filing frequency assigned to you by the Colorado DOR.
  • If you're not sure of this detail for your account, you can contact the state's DOR and ask them to confirm this detail for you. (We list contact details for the states here.)
What's my  First Filing Period?
  • Pending successful verification, the period listed here is the estimated first filing period TaxJar will file.
  • The First Filing period is based on the date the enrollment form is saved and the payment schedule.

Please note: Colorado AutoFile does not file returns in Home Rule Cities at this time. More information can be found here