Can TaxJar AutoFile my Colorado returns for me?

At this time, TaxJar’s AutoFile service for Colorado submits a return for both:

  • Destination based Sales Tax Returns
  • Local taxes for state-administered cities, counties and districts

You can view lists of Colorado's state-collected cities and counties, as well as home-rule cities, in the DR1002 publication found here.

TaxJar does NOT currently AutoFile sales tax returns for Colorado’s Home Rule cities.

If you need to file returns for home rule cities, TaxJar will not AutoFile those returns. You will be responsible for submitting those returns and payments. 

  • AutoFile does not currently support local sales tax returns for home rule cities for remote sellers.  If you're a remote seller with home rule city tax collected, AutoFile will remit it to the state as 'excess tax collected'.
  • We provide guidance on how to use your Colorado TaxJar Report to file manually for home rule cities here and more additional information regarding home rule city returns here on our blog.
  • We may add support for filing returns for Colorado’s home-rule cities in the future. If you would like to request this feature, please contact to let us know you are interested in adding this feature to Colorado AutoFile.

TaxJar AutoFile service does not include filing the Retail Delivery Fee (effective July 1, 2022) which requires an additional separate return to be submitted. AutoFile does not support filing this separate fee return, you will be responsible for filing your retail delivery fee return, yourself.

  • Retail delivery fee returns are due on the same schedule as your regular sales tax returns. 
  • Because AutoFile will not file the delivery fee return with your sales tax return, you will need to make this additional return and payment yourself. Late filings may be subject to penalties from the state.  If you need help filing your retail delivery fee return, please reach out to the Colorado Department of Revenue for assistance.