Louisiana: How to approve TaxJar access to your Parish E-File account

After you complete the AutoFile enrollment form, you'll see a " Pending" status on your Dashboard, which means our Filing Team needs to review all of the details you submitted to verify that everything is accurate.

  • This review typically is complete within 7 business days. 

My Louisiana AutoFile enrollment has been Pending for longer than 7 days. Why?

Louisiana enrollments may remain in a "Pending" state a bit longer than other state enrollments because we also need to request 3rd party access to your Parish E-File account or Remote Sellers account in order to AutoFile your returns.

  • After our team initiates the request to access your Parish E-File or Remote Sellers account, you'll receive an email from TaxJar similar to this:

What happens next?

You'll receive a notification from the state that we've requested this access and this notification will also show you how to approve that access. Once you receive that notification, please:

  1. Follow the directions the state provides to approve access for TaxJar.
  2. Log back into your TaxJar account and re-save your AutoFile enrollment form for Louisiana or reply to the email you received to let us know that you've approved access. This will alert our system that you have granted access in your Louisiana tax account.

How can I know when I'm successfully enrolled in AutoFile for Louisiana?

After you complete the two steps above, our Filing Team will check to verify that we have the full access needed to file on your behalf. 

  • Once the access is confirmed on our end, you'll receive an email notification that you have been successfully enrolled and this letter will confirm the filing period for the first Louisiana return TaxJar will AutoFile for you.

Can TaxJar AutoFile my Louisiana returns before I'm successfully enrolled? 

We won't be able to AutoFile returns on your behalf until after you are successfully enrolled in AutoFile for any state. For Louisiana, this means we are not able to AutoFile returns for you until we have verified that we have 3rd party access to your state tax account, (either Parish E-file or Remote Sellers account).

  • To ensure we can file your return in time to meet the state's deadline, we'll need to verify that we have 3rd party access to your Parish E-File account by 5pm EST on the last day of the month before your return is due. 
  • If your enrollment is still Pending after 5pm EST on the last day of the month before your return is due, you will need to file that month's return manually.
Note: This process does not apply to those with a Direct Marketer license. You can make sure that you've chosen the correct license type for your account in your Louisiana State Nexus Settings