Important Information about Local Returns for Louisiana AutoFile Customers

TaxJar currently submits one return for state sales taxes.

  • If you currently file individual Parish taxes using the Parish E-File website, please note that TaxJar will solely file your state tax returns, not your Parish returns.
  • If you currently file individual Parish taxes, you will need to continue to file your local tax returns.

TaxJar’s AutoFile service is able to file state sales taxes for Louisiana customers with different license types over three different state websites. The site that you use will depend on your license type. 

For instance:

  1. Direct Marketers license types file using the Louisiana DOR's LATAP website,
  2. Remote Sellers license types file using the Remote Sellers website, and
  3. Standard license types file using the Parish E-File website

Due to the requirements of Parish E-File returns, TaxJar will not AutoFile individual Parish returns for local taxes for Standard Sales and Use Tax license types using the Parish E-File website.

If you indicate you have a Remote Seller license, we support including Parish returns in when AutoFiling your returns because it incorporates Parish returns on a single form.

If you have a Direct Marketer license, you would collect at a flat rate and no parish data is required at all.

In summary, you will not need to file an additional return for your Parish taxes if you have a Remote Seller or Direct Marketer license and use AutoFile.

You can make sure that you've chosen the correct license type for your account in your Louisiana State Nexus Settings