Hawaii: What is my State Tax ID?

The Hawaii State Tax ID:

This is your license or registration number for your General Excise/Use and County Surcharge Tax (GE) account.

  • This ID number should not be associated with other types of tax accounts with the state of Hawaii, such as income tax.

In August 2017, Hawaii's Department of Taxation began a modernization project which also included a change in the format of the Hawaii Tax ID numbers. (You can learn more about this update here on the state's website.)

  • Hawaii Tax ID's that were issued prior to the modernization project begin with the letter "W" and are followed by 10 digits. (Example: W99999999-01.) 
  • Hawaii SalesTax ID's that are issued after the modernization project begin with the letters "GE" and are followed by 12 digits. (Example: GE-999-999-9999-01.)
  • All sales tax related account IDs begin with the letter "GE" to reflect the tax type: General Excise. You should not enroll in AutoFile using a Hawaii Tax ID that begin with abbreviations for other tax types such as CO, FR, GS, PS, RV, TA or WH, etc.
  • Please make sure you remove all dashes when entering your Hawaii Tax ID into the AutoFile enrollment form.
  • If you're not sure of this detail for your account, you can search for it using Hawaii's online tax ID lookup here
  • You can also contact the state directly to ask them to locate this detail for your account. (We list contact details for each state's DOR here.)

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