Why is my Detailed Sales Tax Analysis or CSV export different than my state Report?

Your TaxJar state Sales Tax Report has of the details you'll need to file your returns and you can view your automated sales tax Reports from your Dashboard by clicking the "Sales Tax Report" button for any state on your TaxJar Dashboard.

You can also filter individual sales on your Transactions page (and export them in a CSV file) or view total sales across all states in your Detailed Sales Tax Analysis.

You may notice some differences between the totals you see in the state Report that is used for filing and a CSV of transactions or the Detailed Sales Tax Analysis.

  • The State Report is not designed or even expected to always be an exact match with either a raw CSV export of your transactions recorded in that period or the Detailed Sales Tax Analysis for that same period.

Because the state Report is created to eliminate additional breakdowns and calculations that would be required to get your sales data in a format that is ready to file, the State Report is the only TaxJar Report that you should use to file a return. You should not use the Detailed Sales Tax Analysis or a raw CSV export to file a returns.