eBay Integration FAQ

In this article, we answer frequently asked questions regarding TaxJar's integration with eBay:

Do you support a direct integration with eBay?

Yes! We recently released a new direct integration with eBay! 

  • Previously, we provided a PayPal integration that allowed our system to import your eBay transactions. 
  • We address how our system recognizes previous transactions to prevent duplicate transactions next.

Can I connect an additional eBay account to TaxJar?

Yes. You can add an additional eBay store in your Linked Accounts following the same process when you linked your first one.

  • You would need to remember to log in to eBay using the second eBay account's login information in Step 2 of the instructions here.

Will connecting eBay duplicate transactions from an existing PayPal integration?

If you are already importing eBay transactions via PayPal, our system automatically compares the data to recognize and prevent duplicates. 

  • Removing your PayPal from your Linked Accounts is not a requirement to connect eBay.
  • Your PayPal account must have already been connected before you connect your eBay account in order for our system to recognize duplicates.
  • If you've previously uploaded eBay transactions via CSV and see duplicate transactions after linking your eBay account please contact support to have these transactions removed as our system will not automatically do this.

If you need to connect a PayPal account to TaxJar after connecting eBay, we discuss handling duplicate transactions in more detail here.

How far back can I import my eBay transaction data?

eBay allows 90 days of your order history to be imported into TaxJar via their API.

  • If you need to import orders older than 90 days, you will need to export them from eBay and import them to TaxJar using a CSV file.  (We walk you through the process of importing a CSV here.)
  • Please be aware that we recommend uploading eBay transaction data via CSV for transaction data older than 90 days

Does TaxJar support eBay as a marketplace facilitator?

Yes! TaxJar currently supports denoting sales as Marketplace Collected for eBay. 

  • You'll see "Marketplace" in the Exemption column for the row per transaction on your Transactions page. 
  • Your TaxJar Reports will automatically update to account for these sales as collected for eBay as we discuss in more detail here.

What status is required for an eBay Order to sync to TaxJar?

Currently, our system will import both Orders and Refunds with a status of paid, partially_refunded and fully_refunded.