How do I connect my eBay Account to TaxJar?

We do not currently have a direct integration with eBay or with their new Managed Payments system.

  • However, we do have an integration with PayPal, and if your eBay payments are processed through PayPal, you can connect your eBay account to TaxJar by connecting PayPal as a Linked Account

Once you connect your PayPal account, TaxJar will automatically import your PayPal transactions with the following status:

  • Pending
  • Processing
  • Success
  • Denied
  • Reversed

If your PayPal account contains transactions outside of your eBay sales that you don't want included in your TaxJar Reports, then we'd recommend that you upload your eBay sales by CSV rather than connecting your PayPal account to TaxJar.

My eBay payments are not processed via PayPal; what should I do?

If you're not using PayPal as the sole payment processor for your eBay sales (you're using the new Managed Payments system), you can upload a CSV of your eBay sales to your TaxJar account here.

  • The file you upload will need to match the formatting guidelines seen on this page in order for the system to accept the file.
  • For best results, we recommend using our SAMPLE CSV file (which you can download from our site) as the template to build any CSV's you intend to upload to TaxJar. (We walk you through the process of importing a CSV here.)
  • If you're importing eBay transactions via CSV, please make sure you use 'ebay' in the provider name column for those transactions.
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