April 2020: Alaska Sales Tax Report Update

What's changing in Alaska?

Alaska passed new legislation which allows some local areas to levy a sales tax even though Alaska does not have a statewide sales tax. 

Remote sellers who never before had to worry about collecting and filing sales tax in Alaska may be required to collect Alaska sales tax.

Does TaxJar support Alaska's local sales tax? 

Yes! Alaska local sales tax reporting is available in your TaxJar account and our TaxJar API supports calculations for applicable local jurisdictions within Alaska. 

  • To add Alaska, please go to your State nexus settings, complete your state nexus details and enable calculations if your account supports an API-powered integration. 
  • Alaska may be added on your dashboard for these reasons and you can click to view the Alaska Report: 

If you're on our upgraded plans, you will now receive an Economic Nexus Insights Notification when your business is approaching Alaska’s economic nexus threshold tax.

Our Sales and Transactions Checker can now be run to check for sales to Alaska that meet and exceed the economic nexus requirements for local jurisdictions.

  • Please note, the Checker does not send notifications and requires to be manually run.
  • If your business is experiencing high growth, please contact us to learn more about our Economic Nexus Insights for more robust monitoring of your economic nexus thresholds and enhanced export options! 

Can TaxJar file my sales tax returns in Alaska?

At this time, AutoFile for Alaska is not available yet. 

  • Please let us know if you're interested in AutoFile for Alaska. 
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