Do I need to register for a sales tax license in order to use TaxJar?

No, you can certainly use TaxJar without having registered for any licenses.  You also do not need to register for a sales tax license before trying TaxJar! 

Please keep in mind that you are required to register to collect sales tax from customers in states where you have nexus.

  • You will always have nexus in your home state.
  • We discuss other nexus requirements here.

Besides their home state, many customers use TaxJar to track sales in additional states where they could potentially have economic nexus.

  • Our Sales & Checker Feature can help you identify where you may have crossed the threshold for economic nexus, and therefore help you decide on when to register. 
  • We also talk more about the timing of registering for a sales tax license here.

Once you've decided if you need to register, we show you how to register here