How do I find how many transactions I've had in a state?

We offer our Sales & Transactions Checker to our customers to view how many total transactions per state imported via your Linked accounts or uploaded CSV files.

How Does it Work?

Start a free trial and connect TaxJar to the places where you sell
  • We offer a simple one-click connection to your shopping carts and marketplaces. Once connected, we'll begin importing your sales data into TaxJar. (TaxJar needs all of your data to determine where your sales have exceeded economic thresholds in each state.)

Find the Sales Tax & Transactions Checker on your dashboard

It's now time to begin the check!
  • Navigate to the right side of your Dashboard and click the green box that says "Check for economic nexus."
  • In just a few minutes, TaxJar will automatically summarize the number of transactions and the amount of revenue for each state where economic nexus and notice & report laws have been passed.

View your results

See a list of all of the states where your sales and/or transactions have exceeded that state's economic threshold. Click the " View Next Steps" button under the state name to read through our recommended steps on beginning to comply with sales tax in a new state