Customer Exemption Certificates

TaxJar Professional sellers can upload and store customer exemption certificates in their TaxJar account.

  • To upload a customer exemption certificate, you must be using the TaxJar API or an integration powered by our API such as WooCommerce or Magento. 

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What is a Customer Exemption Certificate?

  • Exemption certificates allow a business or organization to attest and document that you are a tax-exempt entity, or that you are purchasing an item with the intent to use it in a way that has been deemed exempt from sales tax.
  • We provide more information here on how to obtain and use exemption certificates.

What integrations are currently supported for uploading customer exemption certificates? 

We currently support uploading customer exemption certificates via the TaxJar API as well as the following API-powered integrations: Magento, NetSuite and WooCommerce. 

  • The ability to upload certificates with integrations that don’t use TaxJar’s API is on our roadmap, but we don't have a timeline for this as of now. 
  • Currently, customers will not have the ability to upload certificates if they are not set up using the API.
  • Please note, you can still designate exempt customers via CSV upload or by this method here.
  • All 3rd party integrations (for example, Miva or Mi9) are supported for Customer Exemptions, as long as they are using our customer end-points via the API.

How do I upload Customer Exemption Certificates?

1. Please first create the customer directly. 

  • An expiration date and exempt region is required for the customer in order to proceed with uploading an exemption certificate.
  • Magento: When a user edits a customer inside Magento, we sync the customer information to TaxJar.
  • WooCommerce: Please set up your customers as exempt first within your WooCommerce configuration.

2. Then log in to your TaxJar account and click on Exemptions.

  • Select Customers from the dropdown.
  • Then upload the certificate! 

Important Notes

  • Please manage your customers directly within the store platform. 
  • We currently support .pdf file formats for customer exemption certificates. 
  • After the certificate is uploaded for a customer, when that customer is logged in and makes a purchase, then the customer ID is passed to our system for appropriate calculation. 
  • If you need an uploaded certificate to be deleted or updated, please contact us within your TaxJar Account > Support. We are working on offering the ability for you to delete these yourself!
  • We do not yet offer the option for you to receive a notification when a customer exemption certificate is expired; for now, this will need to be self-managed.

Can I add a customer directly within my TaxJar account? 

Coming soon! At this time, you cannot add or search for an exempt customer through the Exemptions tab of your TaxJar account, but we are working on adding this feature.