Colorado: How does AutoFile support adding non-physical locations?

If you are enrolled in AutoFile for Colorado, TaxJar's AutoFile Service will automatically add non-physical locations as needed when your Colorado returns are filed. 

TaxJar AutoFiles using destination sourcing in Colorado. In order to accurately complete your returns, we need to be able to report to non-physical locations. 

As part of the enrollment verification process, we will confirm that your account is configured to allow TaxJar to add non-physical locations on your behalf. 

  • You can confirm this information by going to Colorado Revenue Online and opening your sales tax account.
  • On the right side of the screen under "I Want To" you will see a link to "Add Non-Physical Locations.
  • You will want to open this link and make sure that you do not see an error message.


If you receive an error message, please email and provide a list of new locations or contact the Colorado Department of Revenue at 303-238-7378 to set up this configuration on your account.

  • Once we confirm your Colorado state account has been configured to support non-physical locations, we can proceed with your enrollment. 
  • Then, when our AutoFile system processes your return, we will add non-physical locations to your account automatically. 
  • Please note, we will not add additional locations to your account unless we see that sales were shipped directly to a different location.

If you do not have any non-physical locations in Colorado and are only shipping into Colorado from a Colorado facility, you will still need to add "non-physical locations" to your account.

  • We will need the ability to add additional non-physical locations to your account as this is a precaution for any changes to your business model in the future.