When should I register for a sales tax license?

Though we can't provide legal advice, if you're interested in learning more about when you should get registered in your nexus states, we discuss the timing of deciding when to register here

If you need to register for a sales tax license in multiple states, you can register in any order you want. 

  • In talking to a lot of sellers about this, we hear that sellers prioritize based on sales volume in each state. The more sales a seller makes (or expects to make) in a state, the earlier they prioritize registering in that state. 
  • Or, you may have nexus as soon as you've crossed a state's economic nexus threshold, and we explain how to see if you've crossed that threshold in any state here.
  • We can also refer you to a sales tax professional who would be able to specifically help you assess your next steps!

If you're ready to begin the registration process on your own, this blog post explains what you need to know to register for a sales tax license in every state.