TaxJar API: Marketplace Facilitator Support

Can I mark my TaxJar API Transactions as a Marketplace Transaction for Reporting and AutoFile?

Yes!! 🎉 

We've recently added the ability to pass in " marketplace" as the exemption_type in requests sent to the /v2/taxes and the /v2/transactions API endpoints.

How does this new API Marketplace exemption_type work with unsupported Marketplace Facilitators?

Though we don't yet support all Marketplaces that are collecting automatically as Marketplace Facilitators just yet, the good news is that you can pass in the "marketplace" reason for Transactions from those Marketplaces using the exemption_type parameter in /v2/transactions/orders and /v2/transactions/refunds.

  • After passing in the "marketplace" exemption_type, the transaction will be exemptif the state had a marketplace facilitator law at the time the transaction was recorded 
  • This is based on the to_state and transaction_date parameters.
  • If a marketplace facilitator law does not apply for the to_state on the transaction_date, the transaction will be considered fully taxable.

Please note that the provider parameter is not required for the specific use case mentioned above. We use that parameter for existing marketplaces that we already support as a Marketplace Facilitator such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or Walmart. 

  • For other marketplaces, simply pass the exemption_type parameter as "marketplace".