I can't connect my Shopify store

If you're trying to link your Shopify Store to TaxJar and seeing an error message, we show you how to correct these in this article:

Please double-check your Shopify store details:

If you attempt to connect your Shopify and any of the details you're typing into TaxJar don't match the details for your Shopify store on Shopify's end, TaxJar won't be able to connect.

  • You may see a message that says " The account authorization process failed or was canceled" on your TaxJar Linked Accounts page or you might receive a message from Shopify that says "Sorry, this shop is currently unavailable.
  • Here are a couple of screenshots showing this:

If you see either of the above messages, please make sure that you're entering your Shopify Subdomain without any extra spaces and also without the ".myshopify.com" portion. 

  • We recommend this because TaxJar already enters ".myshopify.com" for you as seen in the screenshot below.
  • For example, if your Shopify store was "the-adventures-of-max.myshopify.com", you would just need to enter "the-adventures-of-max" in your TaxJar account when attempting to connect Shopify with TaxJar.

What should I do if I receive the message "Your account was not linked. It is already connected to another TaxJar account" when trying to add my Shopify store to TaxJar?

If you receive the message shown above,  it is because you have previously linked this Shopify store to a different TaxJar account.

Please try the following steps:

  1. Double-check the email address in your Business Profile page to make sure that you logged in with the correct email address.
  2. Check your Shopify store to see which email is tied to your Shopify account. If it's different from what you're currently logged into TaxJar with, you might have already linked this Shopify store to a TaxJar account under that email address.
  3. If you're not sure which email address could have been used for this other TaxJar account, please see this article and then reach out to our support team directly at support@taxjar.com.

I've followed the steps above and I'm entering my Shopify details correctly but I'm still receiving error messages, what should I do?

If you're still receiving the messages above and you've checked the details entered, please reach out to support@taxjar.com with the following information:

  1. A screenshot of the exact error message you receive after you click the green "Save Information" button. (Here's how to take a screenshot.)
  2. The URL or website address of your live Shopify store.