I don't see my WooCommerce orders in TaxJar

There are a couple of reasons you may not see your WooCommerce Orders in the Reports or Transactions in your TaxJar account.

1) You may have not yet enabled order downloads to TaxJar 

Check "Enable order downloads to TaxJar" in your WooCommerce > TaxJar > Step 2 settings.


2) Orders may not be marked as Completed or Refunded
Our service pulls in orders from WooCommerce in near real-time using the TaxJar API when they have been marked as Completed or Refunded. Check to be sure that the missing orders have been marked with one of these statuses.

3) Orders may be missing Store Address information

We required the country, state, city, and zip in order to sync orders to TaxJar. Check for missing store address information within WooCommerce -> Settings:

4) Orders may need to be backfilled into TaxJar

If you have completed all of the above steps, and are still missing transactions, we recommend that you backfill your historical WooCommerce orders into TaxJar. 

To do this, go to WooCommerce > Settings > TaxJar and click the Transaction Backfill tool: