I can't connect my Amazon account

If you attempt to connect your Amazon account and any of the details you're typing into TaxJar don't match the details for your Seller Central account on Amazon's end, TaxJar won't be able to connect.

If that happens, you'll see an error that says " Amazon credentials invalid, please check your Seller ID and MWS Auth Token and try again."

If this happens, we recommend the following steps:

1) Make sure you are logged into your Seller Central account as the primary user.

2) Confirm that you have a valid MWS token by going to the User Permissions page in Seller Central and clicking the "Authorize a developer" button.

  • If you're not sure your token is still valid, we'd recommend that you contact MWS Support to have them confirm your token is active.

3) Once you've confirmed your token is valid, go back to the MWS registration page and click "I want to authorize a developer to access my Amazon seller account with Amazon MWS."

4) Make sure you type in the correct developer name and account number for TaxJar (You can copy both details here in your TaxJar account.)

5) Click the next button, then check the box to confirm and then click the Next button. One the next screen you'll see your account's unique Seller ID and MWS token.

6) Carefully copy those details into the form here in your TaxJar account and click the Green "Save & Continue" button:

Further troubleshooting steps:

1. Please confirm that you have an active and Professional Amazon Seller Central account.

  • You may need to reach out to Amazon directly at seller-performance@amazon.com to determine the best course of action regarding your Seller Central account.

2.  If you receive an error message after doing the steps above, please send the following details to support@taxjar.com so that we can try connecting to your Amazon account from our end:

     a) A screenshot of the exact error message you receive after you click the green button.
     b) A screenshot of the Seller ID and MWS token you see on the screen at Amazon's site when you see the "Congratulations! TaxJar can now access your Amazon Seller Account with MWS" message.

Once we have those details from you, we can further troubleshoot your connection issue.