How to connect TaxJar to your Amazon account

  1. Log in to TaxJar.

    If you don’t have a TaxJar account yet, please review our plans here. (No credit card required.)

  2. When you log in, please go to your Linked Accounts and select Amazon. You’ll arrive at a page titled “Connect with Amazon” that looks like this:

  3. Your next step is to click the link to open the Amazon Marketplace Web Services Page.
  4. Click the “Authorize New Developer” button.

    If you haven’t already, you’ll be asked to sign in to your Amazon Professional Seller account. 
    (Important: You can only use TaxJar if you are an Amazon Professional Seller. If you are not a Professional Seller, here’s how to become one.)
  5. Amazon will now ask you for the developer’s name and account number. 

    Enter the following:
    Developer Name: TaxJar
    Developer Account No: 0019-7913-7366
    Important Note: Be sure to copy and paste the Developer Account Number without any spaces!
  6. Once you’ve copied and pasted your information, click the “Next” button. You’ll see a “Congratulations” message from Amazon, confirming that you’ve correctly entered the information given to you by TaxJar to access your account.

  7. You’re almost done, but there are a couple more very important steps to complete before your TaxJar and Amazon accounts are connected.

    TaxJar needs you to give us the information from your Amazon web services account by pasting two sets of data into your TaxJar account. For these last two steps, you’ll need to find your Seller ID and MWS Auth Token on the Amazon web services page.

    They should be in boxes like this:
    Copy and paste your Seller ID back into TaxJar. Be sure to copy just the letters and numbers without any extra spaces.

    Then, copy and paste your MWS Auth Token into TaxJar. This is a string of letters and numbers that begins with “amazon.MWS” (without the quotation marks.)
  8. Click "Save & Continue” in TaxJar. The next screen will confirm that your Amazon and TaxJar accounts are now connected! 

 You’re all set now! Make sure you review and modify your sales tax settings to ensure that Amazon is collecting the right amount of sales tax on your behalf.