Why am I seeing a connection error on my TaxJar Dashboard for my Magento store?

If you are seeing a connection error on your TaxJar Dashboard when you are trying to connect to Magento 2, you likely went to Accounts -> Linked Accounts and clicked "Connect to Magento".  

Your error probably looks like this:

That button is actually there to attempt to connect to a Magento 1 store to create a connection for the SOAP/XML API. This button is not needed for Magento 2 connections and clicking it results in the error you are seeing.

  • Please note that new Magento 1 account connections are no longer supported, please use the Magento 2 integration. Learn more about this here.

Please go ahead and click the unlink link for this connection. You can find it under Account -> Linked Accounts near the top of the page.

The Magento 2 integration utilizes our API directly for both tax calculations and pushing your data into TaxJar for reporting and filing purposes.  

Inside of your Magento 2 panel, if you navigate to Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Tax and make sure that both checkout calculations (Enabled for Checkout dropdown) and the Transaction Sync are enabled, both the tax calculations and data imports to TaxJar should be working.

Any time an order is marked as 'complete' or a credit memo is marked as 'closed', it will be automatically pushed to TaxJar. You can also backfill these transactions from Magento for historical purposes by clicking on Stores -> Configuration -> Sales -> Tax and clicking "Sync Transactions". Once the modal pops up, select a date range and sync the transactions. This may take some time to complete.