TaxJar API: Managing Exempt Customers

How to use our API to classify your wholesale orders and items sold to tax-exempt organizations

Our API Developer's Guide provides detailed information on how to manage your exempt customers (wholesale, government, etc) for sales tax calculations, reporting, and filing in TaxJar.

  • We show you how to use a POST call to create a new order transaction here in our API Reference Guide.
  • By using the exemption_type parameter, you can denote the transaction as wholesale, government, marketplace, other, or non_exempt. 
  • Please note: if the exemption_type is set to `wholesale`, `government`, or `other`, any order-level or line item `sales_tax` present in the order must be zero.

As we discuss more in detail here, when you designate tax-exempt, resale and wholesale transactions in TaxJar, your TaxJar Expected Sales Tax Due Reports will be accurate and, you can AutoFile only the sales tax you collected.

  • Find out more about enrolling in AutoFile here.
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