When will I see the next return filing due date in my TaxJar account?

I just filed my sales tax return, when will I see how much I owe for the next quarter, month, or year?

The due date you see on the Dashboard will change to reflect the next due date after you have recorded the Payment and marked the filing period as closed in the Filing History section of your account.

Why is my TaxJar Dashboard showing sales data for a return that I've already filed?

In this example, we'll use the state of California's June 2019 filing period. Currently, the Dashboard is reflecting California sales for June 2019 because the due date for that filing period has not yet arrived.

  • June 2019 sales tax returns are due on July 31st, 2019, you won't see your July 2019 sales tax collection totals on the Dashboard until after that filing deadline passes.
  • Our system time is in GMT, so the dashboard will update for July 2019 sales at 12 PM-midnight GMT when the day changes from 7/31/2019 to 8/31/2019.

I'm enrolled in AutoFile, when will I see how much I owe for the next quarter, month, or year on my Dashboard?

If you're enrolled in AutoFile and TaxJar has already AutoFiled your return for a state, you'll see the due date and amounts expected to be due for your next filing period after the current sales tax return's filing period is over. 

  • Here's an example of this with Georgia during July 2019: