How do I file my returns using TaxJar?

  1. Log in to your TaxJar account and locate your state report
    Scroll down your TaxJar Dashboard and find the state where you want to file your sales tax return.Click the “sales tax report” button corresponding to that state.

  2. Choose your filing period
    Your state generally requires you to file monthly, quarterly or annually (and in some cases, semi-annually.) In this step, be sure that you are looking at the correct filing period. If the filing period isn’t correct, you can click “change” in the top right-hand corner to change it.

  3. At the top right of the report, if you are not enrolled in AutoFile, you’ll see the “record a filing” link.
    Click the link and follow the filing instructions you see on the next page.

    Unsure whether to use the “actual sales tax collected” or “expected sales tax due tab”? You will usually use the “actual sales tax collected” tab unless, for some reason, you weren’t collecting sales tax for the entire period. You can read more about the expected sales tax due report here.

  4. Fill out your sales tax return
    The next page will contain links to paper (if available) and electronic sales tax returns forms for the state. You’ll also see filing instructions that will walk you through some of the basics of filling out the return forms for the state. We also have step-by-step filing instruction for some states here.

    NOTE: If the state asks you to provide a gross sales total for all states, we show you how to get this amount in the detailed sales tax analysis.

  5. Record your payment
    When you’ve finished submitting your return, fill out the details under "record your payment."

  6. Be sure to check the box to “mark period as closed and paid in full.” We talk about why you should do this here.

Then, click the “record Filing” button to save the details of your payment. You’ll be able to view the record on the filing history page.

Additional steps for marketplace sellers

If you sell across marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, eBay or Walmart, you may need to take extra steps when filing due to Marketplace Facilitator Laws.

How to file a return when Marketplace Facilitator Tax has been collected:

  1. Determine if your marketplace has collected tax on your behalf.
    • You’ll see a section on your TaxJar state report for Marketplace Sales
    • Alternatively, you’ll see an “M” next to the transaction on your Transactions page for any sales where marketplace tax was collected.
  2. On your state’s filing form, enter this amount in the field that refers to marketplace collected tax.
  3. We offer state-specific guidance when available in this section of our Support Center.

Does TaxJar tell me how to file sales tax returns in each state if I file them on my own?

At the moment, we do have some blog posts that share part of the sales tax return filing process and those blog posts are listed here. Please note that we don't have a step-by-step blog post for every state at the moment but a state DOR's representative should be able to help you if you call them directly. (We list contact details for each state's DOR here.)