Pennsylvania: How to verify your e-TIDES account details

What details are included in my e-TIDES account details?

Your e-TIDES account will contain all of your Pennsylvania registration details (license status, effective date, account ID number, filing frequency, license type, your entity ID, etc.) in one central location

How do I verify my e-Tides account details?

You can do this by visiting the " Enterprise Maintenance" section of your e-TIDES account by following the steps below:
1) Login to your e-TIDES account with your User ID and Password:

e-TIDEs Login

2) Click "Enterprise Maintenance," from the menu on the left, then click "Sales and Use Tax" from the pull-down menu in the center of your screen:


3) The next screen will show you a list of accessible "Enterprise Maintenance" functions.

  • Click View/Update Enterprise Information
  • Click Next.

Your full Enterprise information will be available on the next page and you can use these details to verify that the details you enter in your AutoFile enrollment form for Pennsylvania are accurate.