Arizona credentials/Location ID

Here's how to find your Arizona Location ID:

If you have your Arizona registration certificate handy, this detail will be listed there. If not, you can find this in your AZTaxes account!

1) Log into your AZTaxes account. 

2) Select " View" next to your business name.

  • On this page you'll see your Business Details:

Arizona Taxes Business Details

3) Click the blue " Locations Details" link on the Right side of the page.

4) You'll see your Location Code (ID) on the Left side of the next page:

  • The Location Code on this page is the detail you should enter in the "Location ID" field of your AutoFile enrollment form for Arizona.

Arizona Location Code

The Arizona State Login and E-Signature Pin:

This is the email address that is used to login to your e-file account at the Arizona website.

  • The User Login Email Address you provide for AutoFile should be associated with your Arizona Sales and Use Tax account number.  These details should not be associated with other types of tax accounts with the state of Arizona.
  • Your AZ Taxes Business User Email Address  = State User Login in the Arizona AutoFile enrollment form.
  • If you're not sure of this detail for your account, you can check the registration paperwork you received or contact the state directly to ask them to locate this detail for your account. (We list contact details for each state's DOR here.)

AZ Taxes

The Arizona E-Signature Pin:

This is the 6-10 digit pin that is used to sign your returns with the state of Arizona.

  • If you do not remember your E-signature PIN you can easily reset it by logging into your account and selecting "Reset PIN" on the left sidebar of the page.