Kansas: What is my Identification Number and Access Code?

The Kansas State Identification Number and Access Code:

1) Your Kansas State Identification Number is your sales tax license number with the prefix of either 004 or 005 as the first 3 digits, depending on the type of return that you need to file. (The prefix is based on whether you need to file Sales Tax or Retailer's Compensating Use Tax.)

2) Your Kansas Access Code is also unique to the combination of your sales tax account number and the correct 3 digit prefix for that Identification number/account type (Sales Tax or Retailer's Compensating Use Tax).

As we mention here, when you register for a sales tax license, the Kansas' DOR may set up both Sales Tax and Retailer's Compensating Use Tax account types in your Electronic Services account, and each account type will have a different account prefix and access code.

  • As a result, each seller may have two different State Identification Numbers and two different account Access Codes.

In order to successfully enroll in AutoFile for Kansas, you'll need to ensure that you provide TaxJar with both the correct State Identification Number for the type of return you are required to file as well as the corresponding Access code that is unique to the correct account's State Identification Number.