Can I connect more than one cart to my TaxJar account?


If you are a multi-channel seller, TaxJar makes it easy to connect your marketplaces to your TaxJar account from the Linked Accounts page.

You may be required to upgrade in order to connect multiple integrations to your TaxJar Account.

To get started and connect a cart, visit the Linked Accounts page and click the icon for the cart you want to connect. From there, follow the steps on the next page to continue connecting your cart.

Linked Accounts

How does connecting multiple stores affect my Reports?

Currently, we support a single business entity for each TaxJar account. This means you can connect multiple websites/stores/carts* to a single TaxJar account as long as you file single, consolidated returns for all companies/stores under the same business entity.

  • Once you connect multiple stores to your TaxJar account, all data from all connected stores will be compiled into a single Sales Tax Report for each state and our Reports will not separate the data by the account or store or company.
  • If you file separate returns for each company, then you would need a separate TaxJar account for each individual company.

*At this time, we support connecting one BigCommerce store to your TaxJar account.

How does connecting multiple stores affect my billing?

Our monthly and annual subscription pricing for TaxJar Reports is based on your total monthly transaction volume, so if you connect multiple carts, you'll be billed for the total orders we import from each cart each month.

  • If you go over your plan's limit during a single month, you will be billed for the plan that matches your volume that month.