April 2018: Texas Sales Tax Report

Texas is an origin-based state, which means that if your business is based in Texas, orders are taxed at the sales tax rate at your business's address.

We've recently made some changes to the Texas Report to reflect rooftop accuracy for all origin based sellers who have a physical location in the state of Texas.

  • If your account's State Settings for Texas indicate that you have a physical location in the state of Texas, your Texas Sales Tax Report will show all sales sourced to that location's address.

However, if you are not based in Texas and your only nexus in the state is because of an FBA warehouse, you should leave the nexus address in your State Settings blank.

  • You should not enter the address of an Amazon Fulfillment Center where your inventory is stored as a physical location your State Settings for Texas.
  • If you're not based in Texas, you'll need to remove the address of nexus from your State Settings and click the Green "Save Information" button.
  • Once you do this, your Texas Report will take a few minutes to recalculate and will again display the list of all jurisdictions where you made sales so that you can file correctly as an out of state seller.