Texas Business Location number and WebFile number

Does my WebFile number begin with RT or XT?

Texas assigns users two WebFile numbers: one for Sales Tax and one for Franchise Tax.

  • The WebFile number for Sales Tax begins with RT.
  • The WebFile number for Franchise Tax begins with XT.

Because AutoFile is designed to file your Sales Tax Returns, you'll need to make sure the WebFile number you enter in your AutoFile enrollment form for Texas begins with RT.

What is my Texas Business Location Number?

For non-Amazon selling locations that you register for your business in Texas, the Comptroller's Office will assign a Location Number to each. 

  • From the Texas Comptroller's Office's Sales Taxpayer Search.website, you will be able to search your Taxpayer ID and see all registered selling locations and any 5-digit Location Numbers associated. 
    • Important: Your Location Number is not the same as your zip code. 

To enroll in AutoFile for Texas, you will also need to make sure that your Texas sales tax permit status is active for your current business location.

  • If your selling permit is no longer active, it will be displayed on the Sales Taxpayer Search as "Inactive," (shown below):

Texas Sales Taxpayer Search

  • You will need an active permit for a single business location to enroll in AutoFile.
  • If you do not have any active locations, or have not yet registered a location, then you will need to contact the Texas Comptroller's Office to update the information on your account. 
  • You will also need to confirm that the status of your permit is Active.  
    • You can reach the Office of the Comptroller by calling 800-252-5555