Virginia: Nexus Address Tips

To enroll in AutoFile for Virginia, the Virginia address that you have registered with the state on their iFile Business website must match the the Virginia nexus address you've entered in your TaxJar account's State Settings for Virginia.

You can check your address on file with VA's iFile by logging in and clicking "Update Addresses" in the sidebar:

You can check your VA address in TaxJar by clicking the "Edit" link for Virginia in your State Settings.

  • If you are an out of state seller (your VA sales tax license begins with "12"), then you should leave the nexus address for Virginia in your TaxJar State Settings BLANK.
  • If you are an in-state seller, you must have a nexus address in your TaxJar Settings for Virginia that matches the address your iFile account. If it doesn't match in TaxJar, click the "Edit" link for Virginia in your State Settings, add matching address details and click the Green 'Save Information' button.