New York: Make sure you enroll with the correct Online Services account type

What type of Online Services account do I need to enroll in AutoFile?

You can create multiple account types when you sign up for a New York Online Services account, but for the purposes of AutoFile, you'll need to make sure you provide details connected to an active Business Account (for sales tax) that is  and not an individual income tax account.

  • If you've already created a Business Account, please double check that your New York Online Services account is an account that is associated with the New York Tax Department.

How can I tell if I have associated my account with the New York Department of Taxation?

If your account is not associated with the New York Department of Taxation, you'll see the warning in the image below:

  • The screen will prompt you to provide additional information if you login with a NY.Gov username and password that isn't associated with a NY Tax Department account.

How do I create an Online Services Account?

If you don't yet have a Business Account, the state has a tutorial for creating a Business Account here.

  • Please make sure that the State Login and Passcode details you provide in your NY AutoFile enrollment form include your sales tax (business tax) account information.
  • You should not provide State Login and Passcode details for your Individual Income Tax Account.