Can I use my API Token for more than one business?

    There are two things to consider before you decide to use your API token for more than one business.

  1. Nexus - The API Token is tied to your TaxJar account and the nexus configuration of states in your State Settings.
    1. If you are collecting sales taxes in the same states for all businesses this will work properly. 
    2. Otherwise, you will need to pass in the "from_" and/or "nexus_addresses" parameters dynamically when calling our API to determine appropriate nexus for each transaction as needed.
  2. Reporting and Filing - Another concern is that there will be no way to differentiate which website the API calls are coming from.
    1. You would only want to use the same API token for multiple websites as long as they are filing their taxes as a single entity.
    2. If they are not, then you will need to have separate accounts for reporting and filing purposes. 
      • If you need to view or manage details for multiple accounts without logging into each account, you might consider a TaxJar Professional account which offers Multi-User access