Sales tax tips for International sellers

Do sellers outside of the US need to collect sales taxes from their customers in the US?

We wrote a couple of blog posts on this exact topic that will help you better understand what you need to do for sales tax in the US:

In general, even though you may live outside the United States, if have established any other type of sales tax nexus in the United States (such as an office, a satellite branch of your business, or a warehouse where you store inventory), then you must comply by the sales tax laws of the state where you have nexus by registering to collect sales taxes in that state.
If you are selling to customers in the US via drop shipping, this blog post may help you determine where you have nexus due to your drop shipping scenario, though we also suggest you consult with a CPA for a more detailed nexus assessment.
Once you've registered to collect sales taxes ( we tell you how to get registered here), TaxJar can compile detailed Sales Tax Reports with jurisdiction breakdowns for each U.S. state where you're collecting taxes.

You can either use your TaxJar state Reports to quickly and easily file your returns on your own, or you can enroll in  AutoFile to have us file your returns in every state. (You must have a U.S. based bank in order to enroll in AutoFile.)