What happens if I exceed my plan order tier?

If you go over your allotted order limit during a single month, we will automatically charge you the difference between your current plan and the plan that matches your usage level that month. 

  • The next month you'll start back on the original plan that you subscribed to, and the process will repeat itself again. 
  • If that happens, you'll see a line item for "Flex Fees" listed in your invoice.

Monthly payers: The prior month's flex fees (calculated on the 3rd of the month) will be charged on the following month's subscription payment invoice. In other words, the overage charges are calculated and added as an invoice item on the 3rd of each month, but not actually charged until the monthly renewal date arrives. 

  • Example: you pay the subscription on the 15th of each month. In October, you went 2 tiers above so on the November 15th payment, those flex fees will be assessed with the regular subscription payment. 

Annual payers: Flex fees are calculated for the prior month on the 3rd. Annual customers are charged for accumulated invoice items on the 4th of each month. In other words, the charge for the flex fees will be charged on the 4th of the month. 

If you are on an annual plan and incur a flex fee, you will be billed for the difference between the monthly tier amounts and invoice will be generated for the month you incurred the overage.

  • Example: in October, if you went 1 tier above your subscription. On November 4th, you'd be charged for the October flex fees. 

We understand that your sales volume may fluctuate, and we don't want to force you to upgrade to a bigger plan before you're sure your sales will remain at that level.

  • You will only see flex fees when your monthly orders exceed your plan's limits. 
  • The next month, you'll go back to your regular plan price as long as your orders remain in the limits of that plan.
  • If you're not ready to choose a subscription with increased order limits, you can stay on the plan you have.
  • If you start to see flex fees for several months in a row, you may want to consider switching to a bigger plan.