Why aren't my orders showing up in TaxJar?

Which order status does TaxJar import?

If you notice some orders haven't shown up in your TaxJar Reports, you should check your cart to be sure the orders have a status that will allow us to import them.

  • TaxJar will just import orders after the status is either Completed, Refunded or Shipped. (The wording for the status may vary slightly from cart to cart.)
  • Please note that in general, orders with statuses such as Processing won't be imported.
  • We share more information for Shopify sellers regarding Order Status requirements here.

If you believe that your completed orders aren't showing up in TaxJar, check the next filing period:

Once you file a return (or, TaxJar AutoFiles for you) and mark a period as closed in your Filing History, any new transactions from that filing period that are imported will be automatically added to the next filing period as we explain in this blog post.