My report says I owe $0. Why?

Our Reports reflect the transaction data as it occurred at the time of the sale. 

If you haven't collected any taxes yet, the Actual Sales Tax Collected TaxJar Report for periods when you didn't collect will reflect $0 in taxed sales, $0 in Local and State Taxes.

  • The good news is, our Expected Sales Tax Due Report can show you an estimate of what you may owe for the time when you weren't yet collecting. (See an example in the image below.)
  • If you haven't started collecting yet, we'd also recommend following our Steps to Success to ensure that your account is set up to properly collect sales taxes in your nexus states.
Is your Cart (Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Walmart) collecting and remitting for you?
  • If so, we explain more here along with other reasons your Report might be showing $0 amounts.