Cancel your TaxJar account

Please note that removing a cart from your Linked Accounts page will not cancel your TaxJar subscription.

To cancel your account, please go to our Plan and Billing page and click the Red "Please cancel my paid subscription" link under "Current Plan."

  • If you're currently on a Professional (formerly Plus) plan, please contact support within your TaxJar account to cancel your account. 
  • NOTE: If you created a TaxJar account by adding our app in Square the steps to cancel are different--you'll need to to do this inside of your Square account. We show you how to cancel TaxJar in Square here.

After you complete these steps, your account will be canceled. 

As soon as a TaxJar account is canceled, you will immediately lose access to TaxJar Reports.

  • You should save any details from your Reports that you would need for your records before canceling, as we do not guarantee that data will be preserved for canceled or inactive accounts. 
  • AutoFile enrollments will also be canceled for canceled or inactive TaxJar accounts.
  • If you need to view Reports after canceling, you will need to do so by reactivating a paid subscription.
  • If you plan to use AutoFile after reactivating a canceled or inactive account, you will need to re-enroll in AutoFile after reactivating your subscription.

*Any flex fees incurred for the exceeding your order volume will be billed upon cancellation.