Product Category Library

The Product Category Library allows you to easily access and look up our database of product tax codes without leaving your TaxJar account! 

You can find the Product Category Library by clicking the " Exemptions" tab at the top of your TaxJar dashboard. 

  • Click "Product Category Library" to look up the tax codes that best fit your products.
  • By default, the Library will show all codes. To filter, please enter at least two characters into the search bar:

  • You can then sort based on category or code by clicking on the header of the respective columns.

The Product Category Library is based on TaxJar's API's list of supported product categories

  • The Library does not categorize your products for you. It is a reference for you to look up your products and find the correct product tax code. 
  • If you need to categorize your products, please go to Your Products and follow these directions. If you do not see the ability to categorize your products, you may have connected a cart combination we do not support. 

If you are unsure which Product Tax Category you should apply to your products, we recommend reaching out to a tax professional for further guidance.