Understanding the TaxJar Dashboard for Squarespace Calculations

Squarespace customers on Commerce Basic and Commerce Advanced plans can now use TaxJar to power their sales tax calculations within their Squarespace account  by clicking:  Squarespace Home >Commerce >Taxes . (Review their configuration documentation here)

In this article, we explain how to set up and manage your nexus states in order to enable TaxJar calculations for your store.

   ✋  Existing TaxJar customers: If you have a Professional TaxJar account, we provide instructions on how to  enable calculations here .
If you have a TaxJar Basic or Starter account, please contact TaxJar support

Setting up TaxJar calculations for your Squarespace store:  

How to set up your Nexus States

  💡 What is a nexus state: You collect sales taxes from customers who live in the states where you have nexus. (See: Sales Tax Nexus Defined.)

When you enabled TaxJar's calculations within your Squarespace account, you were prompted to create a TaxJar account and to set up your nexus states.

  • To add a nexus state, click Add State Registration.
  • Enter in the state information. 
  • If you have a physical address in the state, click Yes.
    If you do not, you can leave this blank. 
  • Click Save & Add Another if you have additional nexus states.  

As a general reminder, before collecting any sales tax, you're required to register to collect sales taxes from all customers who live in the states where you have nexus

How to manage nexus states in TaxJar 

To add or remove nexus states, please log in to your TaxJar Dashboard and click Edit.

  • Then you can add more nexus states.
  • Or, you can disable a nexus state by selecting Delete & Disable.

What if I need to add more data or connect another sales channel? 

If you need to import more data via a spreadsheet upload or add another channel where you sell, you will need to upgrade to a Professional TaxJar account.

Can I view or export any reports of my data to file my returns?

When you set up tax calculations in your Squarespace account with TaxJar, you have access to enable and manage calculations for the states where you have nexus.

  • Please note that you would need to upgrade to a Professional TaxJar account in order to gain access to generate and view state sales tax reports.
  • If you're interested in comprehensive tax compliance, please contact our Support Team so we can review your account and recommend the next steps.

How can I disable TaxJar Calculations?

Please disable TaxJar calculations within your Squarespace tax panel. You can re-enable TaxJar calculations in the future; however, if you'd like to permanently turn off TaxJar Calculations, please uninstall the extension within your Squarespace account.

  • Please note, any existing US tax rules you created within your Squarespace account will be disabled when you enable TaxJar's calculations for Squarespace.
  • To use your original tax rules, disable automatic rates: