Does TaxJar provide sales tax calculations for my Squarespace orders?

Prior to December 2020, our current integration with Squarespace imported your Squarespace data and did not provide calculations for your Squarespace transactions.

🎉 We've recently released an open beta integration available to TaxJar customers on a Professional plan!

How to enable TaxJar Calculations for your Squarespace store:

Visit your Squarespace Store to configure your Tax panel to enable automatic calculations. 
When prompted, please log in to your TaxJar account.

If you've previously linked your Squarespace account to import orders for Reporting purposes, please go to your Linked Accounts, click "Unlink" and then return to your  Taxes panel in Squarespace, and switch the toggle on beside Enable automatic rates.
Review your nexus states to confirm the states you'd like TaxJar to begin calculating your sales tax. Please ensure this checkbox is checked and " Save Information" for each of your nexus states:

Please note the limitations of enabling automatic calculations here in Squarespace's documentation. 

  • ⚠️   The beta extension doesn’t apply sales tax to service products or recognize product categories that have special tax rates.
  • If you previously used our Squarespace integration to import your transactions for Reporting and Filing, TaxJar supported categorizing your products under the Exemptions tab. However, enabling Squarespace to calculate for your transactions will not allow for further categorization.  
  • We are working with Squarespace to support product categorization and customer exemptions soon! 

The TaxJar integration with Squarespace does not provide calculations for Squarespace orders for TaxJar accounts on the Starter plan.

If you're interested in using the TaxJar API to provide calculations for your Squarespace transactions, please let us know.