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What is TaxJar Unlocked?
How do I get access to TaxJar Unlocked?
What if I don't have a TaxJar account?

What is TaxJar Unlocked?

TaxJar Unlocked is our free, on-demand customer education portal, a resource that helps you become an expert in all things sales tax and TaxJar.  

  • It allows you to browse multiple resource types like articles or micro-modules for quick answers on frequently asked TaxJar questions. 
  • You can also select from full modules or a curated learning path for more in-depth information on topics like sales tax basics, AutoFile, and more!

If you have a minute, here's a sneak peak of TaxJar Unlocked!

To recap, TaxJar Unlocked offers different formats for you to dive in based on your schedule:  

  • Articles are one-page guides on select sales tax or TaxJar topic (less than 3 minutes)
  • Micro-Module are short and interactive courses on a sales tax or TaxJar topic (3 - 4 minutes) 
  • Modules are more in-depth and invite your participation in learning on a particular TaxJar or sales tax topic (5+ minutes)                                                                     
  • Learning Paths are available to master all sales tax and TaxJar topics in under an hour ( less than 1 hour)

How do I get access to TaxJar Unlocked?

You can access TaxJar Unlocked at any time and search for resources by content type or time commitment. Once you’ve begun, TaxJar Unlocked will save your progress, allowing you to set your own learning pace and pick up where you left off.

    To register for free account:
    • Visit
      Please note, this is a separate login from your TaxJar account!
    Once, you’ve registered:
    • Browse our resources and start learning
    • Complete our Customer Education survey to let us know how we can improve our education or what else you'd like to learn about! 

For TaxJar Professional users:

What if I don't have a TaxJar account?

No worries! Sign up is quick and easy.